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The trash can is a crucial accessory to have inside of the kitchen. We may conceal it away underneath the sink or in a drawer cabinet. We might even purchase one that looks good on the exterior. But irrespective of how concealed or nice it looks, many of us still have a challenging time trying to keep it from smelling horrible.

The amount of trash that we set in it and the type that we throw into it is what causes horrible odors. These odors can be nauseating and they can spread through the entire home. Rather than throwing it out and getting a new one why not attempt to clean it first.

Empty the bag inside and drag the garbage can to the driveway. Turn on the hose and rinse it off, including the lid. Fill it up with water and mix in three cups of bleach. Stir it together and allow this mixture to sit for an hour. You need to stir it every now and again to keep the bleach working in order to kill off the odor and any bacteria.

After an hour has passed utilize a long scrubbing brush and wipe down the interior, outside, and lid. Be sure you scour hard. When you are finished you will be able to drain the water out and rinse it out. Let it dry for at least an hour in the sun. This will serve to kill off any germs left behind.

After it is clean you should prevent the smell from returning. You can set a small amount of baking soda in each bag or on the bottom of the garbage pail. Still, I find it a good deal easier to take away trash can smells by purchasing the scent control bags. These are not costly and block any odors.

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