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It is not unusual for men to have a vasectomy when they have made the decision to no longer have any children. This is a kind of sterilization that is regarded to be better than a tubal ligation that is done on women. It is rather efficient at accomplishing what it is designed for and in most people can be reversed if they change their mind.

It is crucial to weigh any side effects and how they may impact you. In many instances this procedure has such minor side effects and what is felt will normally be gone within a week of the operation. Yet, there are a few men who might go through what is known as post vasectomy pain syndrome.

Although this is rare it might cause immense irritation and pain over the man’s private region. The pain might be increased or sparked during intercourse or increased physical activity. It may manifest itself in different ways. The most standard of these is best-known as congestive epididymitis. This causes pressure on the testicular position of the vas. When this takes place men will notice a large measure of swelling and backpressure.

Backpressure is an uncomfortable experience and can cause a thickness in the ducts and efferent somniferous tubules. This will bar the vas deferens and if not addressed could create an epidermal blowout or lesions.

When the body becomes wounded it creates scar tissue to try to cure it and protect it – the same is true for this process. The only trouble is that when the clamp has been placed over the vas deferens it may disrupt the fibrosis and muscle. This in turn will create cysts that are full of fluid – which can travel in between the layers of the muscle. This is one of the more popular troubles associated with post vasectomy pain syndrome.

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