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When we are installing a garden there are several things that we need to place inside of it. One that we love to use the most is a solar water fountain. For under $1,000 you will be able to purchase a small fountain and install it yourself. When you are finished you will be able to enjoy the beauty of it and observe as it lights up your garden every day. That brilliance will rub off though if you do not do what is necessary to keep it clean and functioning the right way.

Something like this is always being barraged by dirt, algae, leaves, and bugs at all hours of the day. Without the necessary cleaning it will become stained, dirty, and may even break because of the damage that occurs. Cleaning it is easy and will only take a couple of hours once a month.

Start off by removing the water pump. Follow the directions in your user manual to be sure that you are doing it right and it does not break. Get rid of the water using a drain plug. If you do not have this than use the pump and a long tube to syphon it out.

Once the water is removed you should get rid of any dirt, sticks, leaves, and bugs caught in it. Use an old rag to wipe down the interior of the fountain. Any cracks should be cleaned utilizing a soft bristled toothbrush. This is also useful at getting rid of algae that has stuck on. If you find any stains you should use white vinegar to get rid of them.

Take the cover off the pump and pull out any rubble in it. Now that you have soundly cleaned the solar fountain it is now time to rinse the inside using a hose. Be sure to replace the water and any treatments that assist to keep algae from growing within it.

One Response to “Cleaning A Water Fountain”

  1. I need to talk my husband into getting one of these fountain for the back yard. I just love them, but he is always concerned about the maintainance involved. Do you know anything bout how much work it is to keep fountains fresh?

    Posted by: Hayden Payes on on November 2nd, 2010 at 12:35 pm.