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Women are always wearing high heels that make the feet hurt and bras that make the chests feel tight and uncomfortable. As much as we would love to throw away each bra imaginable we recognize that they are important. Most of us simply don’t understand why that is.

Inside of our chest is the Coopers ligament. This is something that numerous of us don’t know we have – but it is very important. This ligament is what keeps our chest from sagging down to the floor – which we can all agree would be a horrible thing. When we jump or exercise at all we risk stretching out the ligament.

When it has been stretched there is nothing we are able to do about it. It will not bounce back and become what it used to be. Rather it will stay stretched and our chest will sag that much more. This stretching will most often occur during physical exercises or sports. The easiest way to prevent it from coming about is to wear a sports bra.

This is when you shop at the best malls or online and find yourself something that is going to fit you comfortably and support you the right way. For numerous of us this is easier said than done. The trick is to understand what your size is and what type of features it needs to have.

If you do any heavy exercises than you will need something that is going to have lightweight fabric that will soak up any sweat. It also means that you have to find something to absorb any bounces. Of course when wearing sports bras you will need something that will not hurt your shoulders and back while supporting your chest. Try them on and wear one for a few minutes before deciding which one you like the best.

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