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Facial hair is something that many men and some women have to contend with. Men have to shave it virtually each day and hope that they have the time needed to do it. Women are pressured to shave, wax, and bleach the hair so that no one notices that it is there. It is a tiresome and at times, painful operation. But all of this can be made simpler when you get rid of it with laser treatments.

During this operation the laser will focus an intense beam of light in the face. That light will concentrate on the dark hair follicle and in a mere couple of seconds will burn away the hair and detach it from the follicle. It is a simple process – but it will require a few treatments to make sure that all of it has been entirely taken away.

Anyone who has light hair and dark skin is not a candidate for this. These attributes make it tough for the light to pass all the way through the skin and reach the follicle. People who have dark skin will run the risk of becoming marked or blisters on their skin. This is also true for anyone who has had a sunless tan.

To get ready for the procedure you must not shave, wax, or tan a couple of days before hand. This will assist to preserve the hair at the right length. If it is too close to the skin the procedure will not be as effective and you will have to pay additional costs and wait a couple more weeks.

It is critical that you go through a free consultation with a professional dermatologist or laser facial removal technician. During this time they will tell you what they will do, any complications, and how much it will cost.

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