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How many of us dream of the perfect car that we can own? The moment we get our license – if not before – we dream about trading in our parent’s old, rundown car for something that looks cool and that we won’t be embarrassed to drive around in. One of the best and most classic cars that we can purchase is the Mustang.

The first Mustang was designed in 1964. Since then they have become the most famous muscle cars and are an icon of the classic American car. The look of them has evolved over time – but it has improved and only gotten better. Trying to decide what model you should get is not always easy.


The first thing you need to do is to set a budget for yourself that you cannot go past under any circumstances. Sit down and talk with your bank and apply for an auto loan. They will tell you based off your credit and finance information the amount you are approved for. The better your credit is the more you will receive. If you have little or bad credit than you might need to find a co-signer.

Shop Around

Car shopping is not as easy as it looks. When going through a car lot you are going to be haggling over price the entire time and sometimes the salesman are not easy to negotiate with or will try to tack on extra things that you don’t really need. It helps to bring a friend or family member who can help you to see straight and keep your excitement contained when needed.

Used Or New

I know that all of us would love to get our hands on a brand new Mustang – but this is not always practical. If you want a low monthly payment and want to stay in your budget than you might have to go used. Just make sure that you test drive it and it doesn’t have too many miles on it.

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