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Many teenagers and adults love to play at least one instrument in their life. Not surprisingly the most popular that they will choose to learn is the guitar. What they do not expect is how difficult it can be and just how much dexterity is needed. One thing that can help make learning it easier is to have the right guitar to start off with.

Before you start lessons you have to think about what type of guitar you dream of playing when you get good; acoustic or electric? Most teachers will tell you that it is easier to begin with an acoustic. However, if your ultimate goal is to learn electric than it would be better to simply start off with one and allow yourself to become accustomed to the feel of it.

These are not cheap instruments and could very well cost you up to $500 or more. Set up a budget for yourself that you cannot go over under any circumstances. Go on eBay or to a consignment shop and try to find a good starter guitar that is affordable. It is ok to start cheap because in the end you will be able to trade in for something that you love.

You will save more money if you go with a used model – but is it really worth it? The only problem with buying one that is used is the chance that you will be given a model that will not work properly. Unless you know the person and trust what they say we recommend sticking to something new.

Buying one of these is like choosing an outfit at the mall. You have to find one that is going to fit your height and your body type. Go to the music store and try to play with a few to get a feel for them. Choose one that has a shape and size that you can handle and be comfortable with. While you are there try to pick up other necessary guitar gear you will need.

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