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When we think of fishing we imagine ourselves with a fishing rod in our hands and relaxing in the fresh, warm air. This is after all the most common way to catch fish – but just for fun. If you are trying to catch a large amount to have for dinners throughout the whole week than you are going to need something bigger and more effective.

There are some people who still use fishing nets in order to catch large amounts of fish. This method is most commonly used by large businesses that sell them for a living. You can do this method too. First you need to understand what type of skill it takes and what goes into it.

There are different types of nettings that you can get – which are all made with mesh. Find the one that is going to be large enough and meet your needs. You can buy these at any fishing supply store and in a variety of different brands including; Betts Tackle, American Maple, and West Coast Nets. These come in sizes ranging from four to twelve. If it is just you than you will need something smaller than a ten.

The hardest part of this is knowing the proper way to cast the net. This requires a good deal of practice. Start by creating a wrist loop that is placed over your wrist. If you are right handed than use your right wrist. If you are left handed use your left wrist. After this make more loops from the hand line and keep them securely in the casting hand.

Pull the drawstrings and hang them straight down. Grab one third of the net down with your casting hand and with the other hand stretch out the lead line. Cast it counterclockwise in a smooth motion. Bring the fishing net back in by pulling the hand line back to you.

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