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It used to be that kitchens were walled in on every side – but for a small door at the entrance. Now though individuals have opened this area up and made it more accessible to guest coming in. these type of kitchen floor plans provide more space and aid to provide individuals with a region that is used to prepare food and entertain individuals who come over.

Trying to remodel a closed kitchen into one that is open is not always simple – but it is possible. You need to start by measuring the room and putting on graph paper the location of all of the walls. It is easiest to use a scale that is one quarter of an inch per every foot. You should also have to mark the windows, doors, switch plates, cabinets, outlets, fixtures, and conveniences.

The measurements need to be extended into the rooms next door so that they can be a part of the remodel. Only mark the ones that will have the walls removed or opened up somewhat. Draw them so that they are beyond the area where they would ordinarily connect to the kitchen and make sure that the measurements are recorded.

Place tracing paper over the graph and stabalize it with tape. Mark the position of the new walls and how they may be connected to the rooms next door. When designing this plan it is your objective to make something that will flow well together, provide more space, and become more functional without taking from the overall look of it.

Draw the new kitchen floor plan and be sure that you set the sinks, cabinets, appliances, kitchen islands, and any other accessories where you want them to be. Everything has to be in a place where the space is open for individuals to move around.

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