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Summer has arrived and children are happily finishing with school and will be out for a few months before they hit the books again. This small respite means that it is up to you to keep them from becoming bored. Why not try to do this by getting some great crafts for them to do!

There are several web sites that you can visit which will assist to give you a few great ideas or will help to save you money by giving you things you can print out. The trouble with many of these is that they do not always provide you with the directions you need to understand exactly what must be done.

One of the greatest web sites to go to is Crafts 4 Kids. They have a great variety of projects including a list of what you need, directions on how all the things need to be completed, and a picture of what it needs to look like. Unlike most sites, this will have projects for children of different ages.

Amazing Moms is a good website for moms who stay at home who require some useful ideas on how to keep their children busy. They have projects that are grouped by age and how simple or challenging they may be for every one. They also provide detailed directions and will instruct your kids with everything from how to construct a bird feeder to painting a good photograph.

Kinder Art has one of the biggest collections of all of these sites. They teach children on how to recycle and how to draw and paint. This site is utilized by numerous teachers and moms who home school their kids as a way to teach them different things through fun activities. Whether they are making a Velcro picture board or a clay pot they will enjoy putting something together.

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