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It always seems that man are in a competition. They try to outrun each other, eat more than the other, and try to have more chest hair then the other. At least that is how it used to be. It used to be that a man would never think about shaving his legs, arm, back, or chest. But now times have changed and the idea is becoming more appealing and in some cases necessary.

While some men are able to pull off the hairy chest others have so much of it that women are literally pleading for them to get rid of it. The good thing is there are many methods that they can use that will help to remove the excessive amount of hair – but none is more popular than shaving and waxing.


Shaving chest hair is the most popular method that men will use to remove chest hair because it is the cheapest and possibly the easiest. The only negative about shaving chest hair is the amount of time it takes to keep it up.

All you need when shaving chest hair are a pair of scissors, razors, shaving cream, and lotion. Because you have so much hair and it is probably thick you are going to need to trim it down before you can even think about shaving it. You can use scissors to cut it down as short as possible. It would be best to do this inside your tub so the mess you make can be cleaned up easily.

After you have trimmed the hair you will want to rinse off the excess hair that might be sticking to you. Afterwards you will need to place on a liberal amount of shaving cream over your chest. Now you are ready to pick up the razor and remove all of that annoying chest hair.

Once it is all removed your skin will be very sensitive. Pour lukewarm water to rinse off your chest and pat dry with a towel. Then place on a liberal amount of moisturizer lotion to help soothe the skin and keep rashes away.


Waxing is the next best thing. That is if you can take the pain that is associated with it. This is one of the most painful for men to handle – but it has great results. When it comes to waxing chest hair we recommend that a professional do it. It’s hard enough to deal with the pain of having it done – but doing it to yourself is even worse.

You can make an appointment at the waxing parlor. There they will trim your hair before placing hot wax on your chest. They will then place long strips across the wax. They will remove the strips quickly and against the growth of the hair. While this method is quite painful for most men it requires less upkeep than shaving.

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