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One of the greatest rooms in the house that you can remodel when you are working with a tight budget is the bathroom. Begin with the guest bathroom and do something as easy as retiling the floors. I know that it sounds like a huge job – but it is really simple when you understand what tiles you wish to utilize and have all of the required supplies on hand.

To start you have to get rid of the old tiles using a chisel. This is going to be the most difficult part of the job. Cautiously pull the chisel beneath every tile and hammer it in until the piece moves. When it does you will be able to take it off and throw it in the garbage.

When they are taken away you need to create a smooth surface for the brand new ones to lie down on. Acquire a great grease cleaner and put it on the floor. This will take away all of the grease that came from the old flooring so that the new one will actually be able to stick when you put them down.

Pick out what new flooring design you want to use by visiting your local home department store. They can give you prices and will cut them to what they need to be. You will also have the ability to cut them on your own by renting a wet saw or a tile cutter. You must be very exact with your measurements or you will mess the entire thing up and have to begin again.

Lay down all of the bathroom tiles to see how they fit with each other and if you love the design. When you are ready put adhesive to the floor using a notched trowel. Allow the adhesive to sit for two minutes before you lay down the tiles. Press down hard so that it sticks and put on the grout. Clean the bathroom tiles when you are done.

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