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How many of us forget about the lights that we have set up around the house and yard? Everyday we come home to the path lights that help us to see where we are going and we look out on the backyard that is lit up by the flood lights that we installed for security and safety. After installing them they become such a huge part of the house that we often forget one very important thing – they need to be cleaned!

It is true that these outdoor lights were built to withstand against the sun, rain, wind, and snow. Still over time everything will take its toll and the dirt that has crept inside of it could damage not only the inside – but also the outside of the light fixture. Wait too long and what once looked so great in your yard now looks old and unattractive.

Before you begin you must turn the power off to the lights. You will be cleaning them during the day so there is no need for them to be on and you don’t want to kill the lights or electrocute yourself in the process. The ladder will be used to reach any lights are high up.

Use the screwdriver to remove the globe from around the light fixture. Also remove the light bulb. Throw it away if broken. Place these safely to the side where you can clean them later – but where it will not get broken.

Fill the bucket up with warm water and dish detergent. Use the old rag to wipe down the outside of the light fixture. Make sure to rinse it off when it is too dirty. Wet the rag again and wring it out till no water is dripping from it. Now clean the inside of the fixture and around the socket. Make sure not to get any water inside of the socket. When you are done use a towel to dry it off.

Take the glass cleaner and use it to clean off the globes and working light bulb. When you are done replace the bulb and globe. Use a different rag to apply polish to the landscape light fixture. This will help to bring back the shine and make it look like new again. Allow it to dry before turning it back on.

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