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The majority of bathrooms in a home are small and become wet and smelly very easily. For some people just using the normal cleaning supplies can be to much because the smell is isolated. This is why it is so important to find a way to get rid of the smell and any moisture before it hurts you or mold is allowed to grow in the room.

If you are lucky than the bathroom will be situated in a part of the home where there is a window or where you can install one. Fresh air is the best type of ventilation that anyone can use. Keep it open while you take a shower, clean, or when there is a strange smell. The fresh smell from the clean outdoor air will help to remove the bad odor and also to give the steam and moisture a way to escape.

There are some homes that have the bathroom situate in such a place where there is no possible way to build a window or perhaps the window is just not enough ventilation for it. The next best thing you can use is an exhaust fan. These are designed to draw the air and the odors and moisture out of the room.

It will travel through an air duct that leads to the outside. The stronger the fan the better you will be able to keep the room smelling good and free from mold and mildew. In some cities every home is required to have some type of fan for the room.

These bathroom exhaust fans can be wired to be turned on to the light switch or with its own electrical switch. The more money you spend the more powerful the fan will be. Make sure that you get one that is strong enough and that will help to improve the feel and smell of your bathroom.

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