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When you have a baby there are certain items that you must have. The most important of these is the car seat. Without it you will not be able to bring your child anywhere in the car and you will have to carry them the entire time until they are able to sit up on their own.

Any mother knows that these are essential and they can get dirty very quickly. Between spitting up and dirty diapers bursting all over the place the seat can become a very filthy thing for the child to be sitting in. That is why it is important that you clean it out when a big mess happens.

Take the seat out of the car and put it on an old blanket in the middle of the driveway. Remember to take out any toys or bottles that are still in it. Use your vacuum to remove any food particles inside of it. Make sure to use the attachment to reach deep into the crevices. Removing this will help to keep it bug free.

Use warm water and gentle soap to clean off the plastic parts. This shouldn’t take a lot of scrubbing. When you are done take off the seat cover and clean it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. If there are any stains make sure to pre-treat them. Hang it up to dry outside on a clothes line to keep it from shrinking.

There are some that have a car seat cover which is difficult or nearly impossible to remove. If you are afraid to take the seat apart to get at it then just use a spot cleaner to remove any stains. Use something that is gentle and will not irritate your babies’ skin. Some children are sensitive to most types of detergent and will break out.

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