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Cats are great – but there are things you have to deal with to keep them safe and healthy. One of the more common problems that most of us are not prepared to handle are hairballs. There are things you can do to treat it and prevent it.

Despite what most people might think hairballs are quite natural for cats or kittens. They might vomit the whole thing out or it may build up within their stomach and be expelled in the stool.


It is always a safe idea to learn the safest way to prevent this from occurring before it even begins. Brush their hair a couple of times a week to remove the loose hair. That way when they clean themselves they won’t be eating the fur. You can also feed them supplements that will keep their fur healthy.


Unluckily not all of us know that this is a problem until it is too late. Some cats will have a difficult time trying to release it from their body and may require some assistance from you. There are a number of products that you are able to purchase which will assist to lube their stomach and make it simpler for them to expel it.

The simplest thing you can do is to alter their diet. Give them high quality foods that has the needed nutrients that their bodies demand.


If not treated right cat hairballs may become very serious. If you believe that your cat has this trouble you have to bring them to the vet. The biggest way to tell that there is a problem is to search for a change in the way that they behave. Depression, lethargy, and deficiency of eating are a few of the biggest signs. Make sure that you always look out for these.

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