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Going for a job is not always as easy as it appears in the films. Before you can even get the chance to be interviewed you have to prove yourself through a resume and an application letter. The majority of people are aware of the resume – but they often forget to supply the cover letter. This is essential because it will show the future employer your best attributes and talents and will help to explain any questions they might have.

Your address must be on the heading or in the top right hand side of the page. Just imagine that you are writing a formal letter to a business investor. After the address, drop down two lines and type in the date. Be sure that this is lined up with the left margin. Drop four more lines and type the address and the name of the cover letter. All of this has to be on one page.

On the next page you have to make an opening statement that is going to stand out in their minds and explain to them why you are perfect for the job. Tell them what experience makes you qualified for it. If this is boring than you will lose their attention quickly and won’t even bother reading the remainder of it.

In the other paragraphs you must touch on the other jobs and levels of education you have that can make you a good match. Essentially you will be selling yourself and your talents in two paragraphs. It is not necessary to talk about every job that you have been in. Only the ones that matter the most.

Close the letter by summing up everything you just said and remember to thank them. This is a difficult career test to go through – but it will give you the confidence you require to do it whenever required.

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