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It is not uncommon for houses to have a basement built onto it. If you are lucky than you have found one that is finished and all you must do is paint the walls and put in furniture to make it comfy. Regrettably most homeowners are not this lucky and are stuck with an incomplete basement.

As bad as it might look this will give you the chance to transform it and turn it into any type of room you need it to be. Designing these rooms might not always be easy – but it can be fun and when you take the correct steps you can actually increase the value to the home when you are finished with it.

Game Room
One of the more popular designs that individuals will ordinarily go for first is the game room. There is so much space inside of it that we are not able to wait to jump at the chance to place a pool table or couches inside and have parties with our family and friends. This room has to have a good amount of of lighting round every wall and enough electrical outlets to handle everything.

Laundry Room
Don’t let yourself be stuck doing the laundry in a small closet. Why not make things just a little bit easier for yourself and design a much larger laundry room. You will have plenty of space to use your machines and could even put in a long counter top for you to fold your clothes on.

Spare Bedroom
One of the best things you can do is transform it into a spare bedroom. This may be tricky so you need to make sure that it is practical. Try to utilize a walkout basement design for this. When you utilize this design you will have the ability to install a door and windows to allow natural light in and keep the mold at bay.

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