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Numerous of us will utilize outdoor lights around our house as a way of providing lights along the driveway for us to find our way around at night or to offer extra security when we are asleep or safely within the house. No matter what our reasoning might be you need to make a point that you do what it needed to keep them clean.

It is not unusual for us to forget that we have these lights and when we do remember the amount of of dirt and dust has caused the exterior to tarnish and finally to break. They might have the ability to withstand most conditions – but there is only so much they can handle. Cleaning them is simple and must be done at least once every two or three months.

First you have to fill up a bucket with hot water and dish detergent. Ensure that you have a rag or sponge with you. Turn the lights off and use a screwdriver or other kind of tool to unplug the globe or grill from the light fixture. Set these inside of the water to soak for a few minutes.

While these soak take the rag and use it to wash down the fixture on the wall. Scrub away any dirt and grime that has built up without getting any water inside of the socket. If there is water in here when you turn them back on you could get shocked or you could break the fixture.

Now you must clean outdoor lights and the globes and grills to take away the dirt. Use a clean towel and wipe off all the parts of outdoor light fixtures. If they still look a bit dingy you should apply some wax or polish. Also use glass cleaner so that they do not become spotted with water.

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