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How many of us have had to deal with mold inside of our home? Even just a small quantity of it can cause a whole room to smell and might destroy your clothes if it is not treated in enough time. The best thing you are able to do is to prevent things that are damp to sit out for too long before you can dry them.

However, our crazy lives take precedence and before we realize what has come about we forget about the clothes sitting in the hamper. By the time we are able to get to it there is mold all over our favorite t-shirt. The good news is that it can be removed. All you that is required is hydrogen peroxide.

The hydrogen peroxide is low-cost and works just as well as any mold cleaner and bleach. It can be utilized on clothes, floors, and bathroom fixtures. The difference between this and other cleaners is that it will not leave a strong smell in its wake and it is not costly or have any side effects.

Place a liberal measure of the peroxide into an empty spray bottle. Ensure this bottle did not contain any other type of cleaner. It will not mix well with anything else and can cause problems while you are using it. Put on latex gloves so that your skin will not touch the mold or cleaning agent.

If you are working on garments you need to test to be sure that it will not stain them. At times it might act like bleach and fade the colors in the clothes. Spray the cleanser over the whole moldy region and allow it to soak in for ten minutes. When the time is done use a scrub brush to remove the mold and stains that were left behind. Rinse when you are finished to remove the excess mold and cleaner.

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