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How many times have you moved and found that something you loved broke in the truck on the way there or when you were packing? It is something that we work hard to avoid – but sometimes carelessness or now knowing how to handle things properly will be the downfall of our priceless furniture.

One of the hardest things to move is a piano. It does not matter if you have a grand or upright piano. Both of these are large and it would cost a great deal of money to have to replace were anything to happen to them. You can hire movers to pack it up for you or you can ask some close friends to help you do it yourself.

When taking it out of your home make sure that everyone can reach it from any angle. Lower the lid if it is a grand piano and lock it tightly. Place one person at every end of the piano if it is upright. When you are taking it out you need to move it endways and never sideways.

To avoid any back injury bend at the knees and keep your back straight. Any stray furniture or boxes should be out of the way. You don’t want to have to stop a lot in order to move things out of your way. If you are dragging it over carpeting try to lift it up as much as possible so the legs do not break.

This weighs a few tons and it can be hard to carry for long periods of time. If needed pick it up and move a few inches before putting it back down. Wait a few seconds and move another few inches. If you rush you run the risk of breaking it. When it is safely in the truck make sure to place furniture moving pads all around it. Also make sure nothing can drop on top of it and it will not move while the truck is in motion.

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