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How many of us had to deal with mold in our basement or in wet areas of our home? This is a problem that can hurt the way that we breathe and can even ruin clothes and furniture. If you suspect that your home has a problem with this than there is only one thing you can do – test for it.

There are a number of professionals that can be hired to test for mold. They will use their special tools to test the air quality in your home. If you have a general idea of where it might be growing than they will be able to take samples of the substance they find. All of these things will help them to know if it is mold and what species it is.

The air quality test is used to determine the amount that is contained within the home. If it is too high than they will warn the family and possibly ask them to leave until the problem has been fixed. People with respiratory conditions and weak immune systems are the more vulnerable to this.

Hiring someone to do this for you can be expensive. To save money you can do a few tests yourself. There are some stores that will sell testing kits. Use these to gather a sample of the substance. Some kits will require that you send the sample into the company listed on the back of the box. This will cost around $30 for it all.

Mold tests should be performed in basement at least once every three to four months. These are extremely dark and damp places and are a breeding ground for it. Make sure you know the steps to take to prevent it from growing around your home and how to clean any clothes it might be growing on.

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