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Small bedrooms are some of the hardest to decorate. They have such limited space that it can be difficult to know how to decorate it without doing too little or too much to it. There needs to be a balance so that the room will look clean and comfortable without missing any of the necessities.

When painting the room you will want to choose something that is light. Darker colors are too dramatic for smaller rooms because they will make it appear smaller than it really is. With a lighter color you will be able to give the illusion that it is bigger than what it is because of the light reflected all around the room.

The floors are something that many of us don’t take into account. Carpeting is going to be the most popular – but not always the most prudent in a room of this size. Instead try to lay down hardwood floors or laminate flooring. Run it in a diagonal pattern to make the room appear larger.

The bed is obviously something that you have to use – but don’t go overboard. You don’t need a fancy header or footer to it. This will only take up much needed space. Instead of it flush with the wall and use tapestry or a quilt that is hanging from the wall. For a modern look you could hang up a group of pictures that are set low on the wall.

If it is a guest bedroom you could substitute the traditional bed for a futon. These help to make the room more comfortable without taking up a great deal of space. Any storage that you use should be tall instead of wide. Also make sure that you use a bedside table that is going to provide you with storage.

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