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There will come a time in a man’s life when he realizes that he has more than enough children and is ready to stop. Rather than setting his wife on birth control that can induce serious health troubles he will undergo a particular operation well-known as a vasectomy.

This operation has been done for many years and during that time it has evolved. There are numerous unusual ways that it can be completed. One that is becoming progressively standard is the open-ended vasectomy. This is similar to the no scalpel process because it does not require a large incision to be made. The operating surgeon will usually do the process in their office and will be done inside of ten to fifteen minutes.

The operating surgeon will start by giving you a local anesthetic to numb the area entirely. He will then utilize a particular instrument to create a small puncture wound. You may feel a small bite – but nothing more than that. When the puncture is made he will use special instruments to separate the vas deferens to prevent the sperm from being expelled from the body.

Once that is completed you will be ready to go – though you still may be a little numb in that region. Some of the biggest advantages this process is the fact that there are no incisions, no shaving required, and there are no stitches that should heal. Within a few days you will feel good as new.

Make sure that you follow up with your doctor to make sure that all of the extra sperm has been taken away from your body. Even after the open-ended vasectomy you need to wait between six to eight weeks for it to be expelled. If you don’t than you are taking the risk that she will become pregnant.

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