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Inflatable castles are perfect to use during child’s birthday parties, festivals, and fairs for schools or churches. They provide kids of all ages with hours of sport. Whether we are renting or buying one of these we need to ensure that nothing damages it. Any hole or tear has the ability to damage it beyond repair and it will be your obligation to pay for it. Ensure you know how to deflate it so that nothing happens to it.

The first step is to make sure that all the kids are out of it. Take a broom and step inside without your shoes on. You have to remove any toys, dirt, leaves, and other rubble. This will serve to prevent anything from punching a hole into it. Make sure that the broom you are using is soft bristled.

When everything is removed you are ready to deflate the air out of it. Unplug the blower and remove the fan from the tubes that are pushing the air into it. You have to have the tube wide open all the way so that the air has the ability to come out entirely. This might take awhile so use this time to disconnect the ropes and stakes holding it to the ground.

Step up to the door of the castle and – with somebody’s assistance – fold everything down. You need to push them all into the base. Begin with the right side and fold it down to the middle. Do the same thing with the other side till both sides are touching.

Roll it up slowly and let go of any extra air inside. When it is all rolled up you need to tie the entire thing together. After you take the inflatable castle down you will be able to try to put it back in the bag it came to you in.

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