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Camping is the one opportunity that we are given to truly relish the beauty of nature that surrounds us without being enclosed by hundreds of other people. It lets us to bond with friends and family and to relax after a stressful few months. Regrettably it means that we have to discover other ways to make up for the amenities that are not obtainable in the middle of the woods. The most significant of these is the toilet.

If you are like me than you don’t want to squat in the middle of the forest to do your business. Instead you want something stable to sit on so that no bugs or plant life touches your skin. Luckily building a camping toilet is easy and demands very few tools.

The first thing you have to do is to fill up a five gallon bag with wood chips, bark, and other types of compost material. Tie the bag with a knot or close it using a slip. This will assist to keep everything in it. The compost is used before the toilet is first used and in between every other usage. It is what will serve to keep the aroma at bay and to screen the waste.

Put the bag into a large bucket and than fold the top of the bag over the top border of the bucket. It needs to stay in place without moving. Purchase a snap toilet lid that can fit over the bucket and will offer something comfy for people to sit on. If you cannon find one than use two boards that are a little bit longer than the bucket.

Pour one inch of the compost in the bag inside of the camping toilet. Make sure that this is finished before and after it has been used. When the bucket is full you will have the ability to tie the bag off and then throw it away.

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