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There are several things that you should finish when planning your wedding. You must choose what decorations to have, what dress you want to wear, and what cake you want to serve. The wedding cake is an essential thing that must be planned because it is tradition for the new pair to cut and feed it to each other.

There are so many different patterns and flavors to select from that it can be difficult to know which one you wish to have and which one you will hate. We believe it is better to begin with the design of it. Most if not all of these are tiered. It is uncommon to serve and show off something that has one single layer. Some cakes will go so far as to have five or six levels.

If you plan on having a good deal of individuals coming than you want to have at least three levels. It is custom for the top tier to be taken off and frozen so the couple are able to eat it on their first anniversary. After selecting the size of it you should understand what type of decorations you should have on top of it.

A few people may set flowers, sweets, or other sweet designs that match the appearance of the reception. You also have to select the traditional bride and groom ornament that will sit on top of the highest level.

Now that you know the hard part you need to sit down with your soon to be hubby and figure out the flavors. Write down in your online wedding planner the various sweets that you both love. Most bakeries can make samples of what you would love. From there you will choose which one you want to use. Make sure you are picky and don’t regret your decision.

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