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Laser removal is a complicated process that is utilized to remove hair from different regions of the body. During this operation a technician will use a high technology laser to push heat onto the follicle. This heat is so intensive that it will separate the hair and keep your skin looking and feeling better than ever.

This technique is evidently better than having to shave every day or wax every couple of weeks. Yet, it does cost a good deal of money and in order to get rid of all of the hair you may have to make more than one trip. The question that we have to know is how permanent this is?

The technician will go through a number of sessions each month of every other month for individuals who are first having the treatment done. The amount of sessions you require will be dependent upon the measure of hair that is growing and how thick it is. The majority will have anywhere between four to seven sessions to receive an 80% permanent diminution of the hair.

During the time that you are waiting for next months appointment a portion of the hair will grow back. That is why it is crucial to go back a few times and remove the hair that was not touched during the previous session. The growth cycle for the hair will determine the amount of hair that is withdrawn during one time.

At this time the FDA has not approved laser hair removal to be permanent. While it does aid to withdraw the majority of the hair and it prevents it from growing back faster, you might find it essential to go back once or twice a year. There are a small percentage of individuals whose hair will grow back totally because of how thick it can be.

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