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Humidifiers are utilized by individuals who suffer from allergies are have trouble with the level of humidity in their home. It assists to clean the air and make it easier for them to take a breath and fall asleep at night. These pricey machines are rather useful and have to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any problems.

There are various ways that you can clean these units – but we will hope to show you something that is easy and simple. First you have to blend a cup of vinegar with warm water. Pour the mix in a spray bottle.

Disconnect the humidifier and take it apart with the help of the directions. The water tank should be set apart from the filter and the base. Remove the housing for the motor so you can disassemble the base.

Fill up the tank with cold water and blend a tablespoon of bleach. Ensure to replace the cap and allow it to sit for thirty minutes. During that time you have to keep it close to a ventilated area and far away from children or pets.

When you are waiting, place the filter in water in a saucepan. Blend in two cups of vinegar and help it to set for thirty minutes.

Now pour in undiluted white vinegar in the base of the humidifier and allow it to set around thirty minutes. Take away any build up or debris left behind with a soft cloth. When you are finished ensure to rinse it.

Clean out the humidifier base using a gallon of water per each tablespoon of chlorine bleach. This mixture has to set for thirty minutes. When the time is up rinse all of the vinegar and bleach out of the humidifier and put it back together.

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