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There are different themes that we are able to utilize when decorating a bathroom. Most of them are simple while others are a little harder to figure out. One that is becoming standard is the rustic theme. People love the look of elegance and warmth that a room like this gives off.

When using a rustic design everything that you choose needs to be old or at the least have the appearance of being old. Pick a unique rustic style that would best fit in your home. You can have anything from cabin, country, farm, or victorian. Although they all might be alike they are still rather different and you should stick to only one.

It is easier to begin with the fixtures. Substitute your existing fixtures with the kind that look older or like they were made in a different time period. Your home improvement store could assist to give you many thoughts of what you are able to utilize. Just make sure that they all appear alike and will match with all of the other accessories.

The walls are the next thing to alter. You can place up wallpaper – but we all understand how overpriced and bothersome this can be. Instead we think you should paint. Try to pick out colors that show off the rustic style you picked out. It is best to keep with colors like copper, gold, or dark auburn colors.

Sometimes it is simplest to just use things around your house. If you have antiques or unusual items than why not put them to good use. If you do not have anything like this than visit garage sales or flea markets. Try to be imaginative and utilize unusual bathroom accessories that most wouldn’t think to use, like picture frames, hats, or horseshoes. You also should pick out lighting fixtures that will assist to finish off the look.

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