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Numerous individuals will use a wireless network for their home or business. It is a good way to make it easy for you to utilize more than just one computer to surf the internet and prevents you from having to link directly to the modem. Setting these up should be an easy thing – but not everyone has this kind of luck.

If you followed the necessary steps of installation and are still having troubles than we might have the answer you are looking for. These steps can also be utilized when you are having problems trying to link to the internet at any time.

Turn the router you have on and hold off three seconds. After the three seconds are up utilize a small pen or pencil to press the reset button for thirty seconds. Once you have done this you need to unplug the router’s power cord and wait one minute before you plug it back in.

Set which cable is utilized to connect the computer directly to the modem that you have. When you have done this you will disconnect the modem and connect the computer to the first port of the router.

Open the web browser that you use and look for the online configuration panel. This will help you to establish the router and any specifications that have to be filled out. When you have filled this out shut down the computer and router. Delay two minutes before rebooting them.

Connect the modem to the Internet port of the Linksys wireless router. Shut all of them down and hold three minutes before restarting. Turn the router on and allow it to restart. When it has turn the computer back on. Now you are ready to plug everything back in and watch as it turns on and is once again working.

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