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In every car that we purchase we search for distinct aspects that are able to make us happy. There are some things that we need to settle for and other items that we must put in ourselves. The simplest to install on our own is a stereo system.

Attempting to wire the system is not a tricky process. First you have to disconnect the negative cable from the battery. To install your new speakers you need to take off the panels over the speaker enclosure and withdraw the old ones.

In most vehicles the older unit’s wires will be linked through a metal clip that is able to slide right off and onto the new one. If it is not you will need to cut the wires off, peel off half an inch, and cut six inches off the wire that came with the new unit. Now peel a half inch off those and twist to unite them to the pre-existing wires. Make sure to fold them so that they are lined up and utilize electrical tape to secure them.

Now attach the connectors to the new unit. The negative wire needs to go to the negative terminal onto the unit and the positive wire to the positive one. You than have to screw in every speaker in the correct place. Any crossover or component units have to be secured so that they don’t move when driving.

To set up the head unit comply with the necessary instructions on the best way to take away the part of the dash that will lead you to it. Take away the present unit and link the wires through the connectors to the old radio set. Unite the antenna cable to the new head unit. Before placing the head unit back make sure to connect the amplifiers. Place each of the enclosures back on when you are finished with the stereo system installation.

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