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If you think that the silver plate your grandma sent down to you is an antique than you should find out to know for sure one way or another. Try to think about how it came to be in your family. Did your family purchase it from an auction sale it or did they find it at a flea market? Some individuals have purchased these simple items for a low price not understanding what they were.

One of the single ways that you can master the art of identifying these pieces is to study them first. Buy magazines or books that will assist to teach you what you have to look for and what the most common pieces are. They will give you tips on how to pick out a fake and methods used to discover where it came from.

After some studying you can study the piece that you own. Look at it all over and search for the mark of the manufacturer. This is usually located on the bottom. This can be a number, symbol, or even their name. Oftentimes when the maker made each piece they would stamp or indent the mark that is on it.

Do a bit more research on the mark that you discovered to discover what era it came from. The art work and design need to also help to determine the year. This will assist you to know not merely who constructed the piece but also how special they can be. It will help you to know what materials were used to produce it.

If you think that you own an antique teapot or plate than you will be ready for the last step. It is time to bring it to an authenticator who will find out how special it is and how much money it is worth. They will tell you what makes it special or why it is a fake.

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