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IPL laser hair removal – also known as Intense Pulsed Light – is a type of treatment used to get rid of unwanted from the body. This is just one of several various types of lasers used. In fact this laser is likewise used to rectify skin irregularities and to reverse the appearance of aging. This procedure might cost as much as $600 per treatment and is ordinarily not handled under insurance.

The majority of individuals who have utilized this process will tell you that this is the most dependable type of laser treatment to use. Yet, like with everything you do to your body there are side effects that might take place. While these are not always common they should be thought about before you decide to go ahead with the process.

The first and most ordinary side effect is scarring. You are applying intense heat onto the skin to detach the hair from the root. There is a possibility that your skin cannot react well to this and will produce marks. Along with these you will experience reddening, mild burning, blistering, and bruising. These are commonly short term and can go away between three to six months.

It is feasible that a bacterial or fungal infection will come about after a treatment. If you observe a kind of skin infection happening than you should see your doctor. They will prescribe you antibiotics if needed. In some cases what looks like an infection is really an allergic reaction. If this is the case the physician will give you topical creams or oral medicine.

You must speak with your physician concerning all of these IPL laser side effects. Make sure you speak in detail what goes on during the process, how long it takes to heal, and the better way to avert any troubles.

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