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Electrolysis is a form of hair removal that is similar to laser removal. During this process a needle is inserted into the hair follicle. The needle will send such a high amount of heat into the follicle that it will cause it to break apart from the skin. This procedure is usually performed by professional – but it is possible to buy an at home kit and do it yourself.

It is best to do this in an area that receives a lot of light. You need to have the machine, tweezers, a mirror, and a cup of warm water with a small amount of salt. Dip your fingers into the water until they are damp. Grasp the metal portion with your wet fingers and slide the needle into the hair follicle. Make sure the needle is in the hair in the direction it is growing.

Turn the dial to the setting the directions tell you to use. You will feel a slight tingle. For some people the hair is so thick that they have to turn it up a bit higher in order to detach the hair from the root. Be careful that you do not burn your skin in the process. It is best to hold it there for a few seconds or until you see while fluid coming from the root.

Gently remove the needle. Use the mirror to see if it worked. If not than try again – but do not try more than three times in the same area in one day. You do not want to have red marks all over your skin. The needle is very flexible so be careful that you do not damage it or leave it in for more than a few seconds.

You will continue this process until you are finished or are tired. Most people will remove the hair in half hour increments. Remember that electrolysis is not a quick process – but will take some time to do. Use the tweezers to remove the dead hair.

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