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It is fun to go out every Christmas and cut down the tree and bring it back to the house to decorate. It is a family tradition and something that we spend all night doing and enjoy watching as our children put all of the ornaments on. Many of us will store the ornaments, lights, and decorations that we used the year before only to find out that we did it the wrong way.

Storing lights – especially string lights – is not an easy thing. You have to do it in such a way that they will not break from dust or from being entangled to death. When you are pulling the new lights out of the packaging make sure that you save the boxes they came in. This is a great place to store each strand.

Before you pack it all a way you need to purchase a Rubbermaid. You can have all of the decorations fit into this one container or you can buy a smaller, separate one just for the lights. This will help to keep any large items from crushing them.

When taking down the lights plug them in to make sure that they are all working. It won’t do you any good to store something that is broken. The hardest part is trying to roll them up so that they don’t become entangled. Cut out a square from a cardboard box. Cut a slit into a side of the square and slide one end of the lights into it. Now wrap them around the square and put the last of the strand into the slit.

If you cannot place them back into the box they came in than place them inside of a plastic bag. One strand of Christmas lights will go in one bag. You can also purchase storage containers that are small enough to hold a single strand.

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