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Motocross is a racing sport that requires you to be moving fast at all times. The track is comprised of a dirt road full of sharp turns and large hills. It is important that you find the right type of helmet that will keep your head protected in case of a crash.

It is important that you set yourself a budget that you know you can handle. These can be priced extremely high and sometimes it is not necessary to spend that much. When you go shopping for it consider what color you want it to have – but most of all you need to make sure you choose one that meets the DOT safety requirements.

Every helmet that meets these requirements will have a sticker on the back of it. If there is no sticker you can safely assume that it is not important or safe enough for you to use. Snell is another safety sticker that you can look for.

Try to choose a few different brands and sizes. Take them aside and try each of them on to see how well they fit. You want it to fit snug – but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. However, if it is too loose fitting than you run the risk of it falling off during a crash. Place it on your head and buckle the chin strap. Determine how easy it was to do this and slip your fingers underneath the strap to make sure that it does not come off easily.

It helps to look inside of the motocross helmet also and examine the lining. It is best to have one that can be removed. This is not a necessity – but it will allow you to clean it after a dirty race at the track. This will not only keep it clean for you – but will also help the gear to last longer.

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