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Women will undergo a tubal ligation when they do not wish to have anymore children. It is a type of birth control that is used in place of the pills, shots, and any other form that requires an injection of hormones and other substances. In many cases this surgery if effective at preventing pregnancy – but there is also a risk that it can cause problems that a woman would not expect.

The most common problem is known as post tubal ligation syndrome. It causes severe pain and one of the only ways to fix it is to reverse the surgery. The first surgery will usually cost thousands of dollars and the reversal is no different. It is a procedure that requires the use of an operating room, surgeon, anesthetics, and at least one overnight stay in the hospital.


Women who need this surgery for true medical reasons, not because they have changed their mind about wanting children, might be able to have the whole thing covered under their insurance. Contact your insurance company and tell them what you need done and the reasons for it. Some companies will pay for all of it while others will only pay for a part of it.

Payment Plans

You may find that some doctors will set you up on a payment plan. In most cases they will require that you make a down payment and then they will set up a minimum payment every month until it is paid off. Be careful though because some offices will require that you pay the whole amount before they do the procedure.


Another option you can try is to find some sort of financing to help you cover the tubal ligation reversal costs. This may require that you take out a loan or use a credit card. These might have high interest rates so make sure you know what you get yourself into before committing to it.

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