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Mold is a toxic substance that build up in dark and wet places. This can usually be found in places like the bathroom or cellar where there is a great deal of water and moisture. What some individuals do not understand is that mold can form on your clothing just as easily as the basement.

When your clothing has become stained with mold the best thing you can do to avert health problems is to wash it at once. Then you need to dry it right away before you set it back into your dresser. Unfortunately not all of us have the time that is needed to do this and a mold stain will begin to flourish.

The next easiest thing you can do is to pour ¾ cup of white vinegar in the washer when you are washing the stained clothes. Vinegar will help to to kill off the scent that is caused and the substance itself.

Before you put it in the washer you have to put on rubber gloves and take away any of it that you can see. It is safest to do this outside. The second you touch it the spores will break off and float around in the air. When you have taken away what you can, allow the clothes to soak in the sun to kill off any of the spores left behind.

The stains that you have the ability to see need to be soaked in cold water and washed with detergent in hot water. They then have to dry in the sun. Another method you can try is to blend 2 tablespoons of bleach with 1 quart of warm water. Pour the solution onto the stains and let it sit for ten minutes before you throw it in the washing machine.

When you have treated all of the clothes you should go back and apply a mold killing spray into the closet, hamper, or wherever the place was that the clothes first became moldy. This will assist to prevent future breakouts.

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