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There are several reasons to use landscape lights around your house. A few will do it because they enjoy how it is able to show off their home and yard when it is dark. Others do it as a way to protect their home from trespassers who hide through shadows to break into their home. Whatever the reason is, it is up to you to ensure that these lights are not damaged.

This will begin when you are first putting up the lights. When purchasing the ones that you need you need to think about what materials have the ability to handle the weather in your region. Stainless steel is a strong material that is considered to be heavy duty. The surface mount marker lights have a guarantee that they do not rust. Search for the best ones and how they endure against the outside elements.

There are two methods that these can be installed. You will either do it yourself and hope that you don’t mess up any of the electric wires or you will be able to hire a professional to do it for you. Hiring somebody means spending more money – but in the end you will know that things were completed correctly the first time.

It is essential that you look for a well protected area that the lights can be mounted below. Setting them underneath an overhang like patios, porches, or canopies will assist to protect them from the bulk of weather. Just like with ground lights you must try to put them below a curb so that nobody tramples them.

Once they are up you should spray them with Rain-X glass treatment and Anti-Fog. This will assist to keep the glass shielded from the natural elements. The Anti-Fog treatment is set inside of the glass. You have to also treat these landscaping lights with a metal sealant.

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