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There will come a time when our children have outgrown their toddler bed and they are prepared to graduate to something larger. This is the time when we start to think hard about what kind of bed set would be better to buy for them. The selections are numerous and it can be a tough decision. We must find something that they will enjoy in a few years and that will last till they go off to college.

Bunk Bed

The first one we will look at are bunk beds. These are possibly the more ordinary selection for siblings or even for single children who need additional space for when their friends come over. The more modern types are built in various designs that make them modern and useful.

One of the easiest things about this type is that when your kid gets older they can be dismantled and turned into a normal bed with a frame. This and its affordable price makes it a perfect prospect for your kid.

Day Bed

What girl wouldn’t wouldn’t enjoy to have a day bed? These can be as little as a twin or as big as a queen. The frame is designed to encompass the mattress except in the front. During the day it looks like a cute couch – but at night you can the throw pillows and it will become a comfortable bed. These ordinarily come with a trundle bed that slides easily from underneath.


You can give your child a really modern bed and buy them a futon. These are somewhat larger then the standard kid’s bedroom set – but are good for when they are older. During the day it is a comfy couch they can use when they have friends or playing their video games. It is a great one that they can grow into.

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