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Some of us have troubles trying to find certain things in our home because it is so disorganized. If you are tired of this than it is time you did something about this. Start by getting rid of the dishes from each of the cabinets and separating them into piles of glasses, plates, bowls, lids, pans, storage containers, food, and medication.

Before you are able to sort through things you have to take a look inside every drawer and cabinet and remove the dirt caked in it. If you have not yet, you should lay down a couple of sheets of paper or other lining along the shelves. This will keep things from falling over.

The spices are normally kept inside of the cabinet that is over the stove. This keeps it close close when you need it and because the spices are small they don’t call for much space. This is also a good place for you to keep all of your medications so that no kids can reach them.

The bowls, plates, and saucers must have a cabinet all to themselves. This makes them easily accessible when they are with each other like this. The cooking pans need to also be in a single cabinet to themselves. Make a point to stack them and set paper towels in between so the surfaces are not scratched.

Sort through the storage containers and stack them and set them in their own cabinet. Try to keep the lids in a large bowl or large container where they can be kept together and never lost.

Finally you have the cups. Set all of the glasses and mugs in a kitchen cabinet of their own. Each one should be facing down and in line with each other. Don’t overstuff things or they will drop when someone is pulling it out.

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