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When people think about remodeling their place what is the one room that they commonly start with? That would be the kitchen! This is after all the most used room inside of the house and no one wants a little kitchen that has little elbow room for cooking. The one thing that most of us love to bring to the kitchen when expanding it is an island.

When designing an island you first should think about how big your kitchen is. It is average for it to be set around three feet from the cabinets – but you will be able to do more if it is feasible. If you have a dishwashing machine than take this into account and make sure it won’t get in the way.

Now that you have it measured and you know where it will be put it is time to choose what design you would like to utilize. The best way to know what to use is to ask yourself what you need the island. Do you wish to have a small place to eat? Are you wanting to place an additional stove top into it?

The design that you utilize will of course be partly based on the amount of room that is available. If it is a large kitchen you can turn it into an eating area. In a smaller kitchen this would not be practical – but may provide you with extra cabinet and counter space.

Finally you need to choose what materials you wish to use when building it. There are two pieces to the unit; the cabinets and base and the countertop. The base is ordinarily constructed with either wood or stainless steel. The countertop might be produced with marble, wood, stainless steel, and other things. Try to look at kitchen island pictures that have been utilized in other homes and decide on what you like best.

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