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The laundry room might not be that large – but it is an important portion of the home. This is the room where we wash, dry, fold, and iron the clothes. If you are similar many families than you may also utilize it to keep your sewing things or other tools.

Once a week you should take time out of your day and clean up the mess that gathers. We think it is easiest to start at the top and work your way down. Take everything off the shelves and line them up on the table. Throw anything in the trash that is empty or has no value.

Before you can put back the required supplies you need to clean off the shelves. Utilize some pledge and an old rag to take away the dust. It is better to use a stepping stool so you are able to see that you are getting everything. When you are finished put everything back in order. Try not to press them too far behind or you might forget they are there.

Now wash down the machines. Mix warm water and mild soap into a bucket. Using an old rag, wash down the surface of the machines and inside of them too. Make a point to move them and wipe down the side and backs of them.

When you have wiped them down and any light fixtures you will be able to move to the floor. Begin by moving the washer and dryer out of the way and sweeping out the dust from the whole room. Fill the bucket up with warm water and detergent. Mop the floors and baseboards to remove all dust and the mildew. You should do this at least once a month to make sure that there is no build up of mold – which can affect your health.

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