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Every bathroom – whether it be the master, kids, or guest bath should present the style that you wish to convey in your house and make everybody feel welcome. When first starting out there are little things that you are able to do to make a theme and a style. I like to start with the shower curtain. I know that this is just a simple thing – but it is utilized everyday and it assists to hide away the tub full of soap and shampoo and bath toys.

Guest Bathroom

My motto is that when decorating the house you need to begin in the rooms that others see the most. The guest bath have to be neutral so that it can hold both men and women who come over. You will have the ability to do this by choosing a solid color curtain. Black is always a popular choice and will go with anything you wish to use. Burgundy, blue, and dark green are also good.

Kids Bath

Next it is time to work on the kids bath. This is where you will be able to have a lot of fun and be really imaginative. Bring in the kids and have them vote and decide on what theme they want to utilize. You can purchase one with fish all over it or possibly one with cartoon characters all over it. If they are a little older you can buy ones with colorful stripes.

Master Bath

Last but not least you have the master bath. This is the room where you spend a great deal of time each day and where you take warm and relaxing baths. Choose a shower curtain´╗┐ that will match the theme of the room. Maybe you should choose something that is made with soft materials and that has flowers over the whole thing. It is better to stick with the dark colors because they are more private and reassuring.

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