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If you are just like me than you love having hardwood floors running through the busiest sections of your home. With these kinds of floors you won’t have to incessantly concern about somebody spilling wine or cheese sauce all over it and causing stains that never want to come out. The only downside is that they need to be cleaned on an everyday basis.

There are easy ways that you are able to clean it – but only one good thing will aid to give it a deeper clean and make it shine just like new again. The hardwood steam cleaner is a device that utilizes steam instead of water to help clean the floors without having to scrub them.

Search for a unit that will clean the entire area without leaving water droplets behind on the floor. The water will damage the wood and cause it to expand or break. The hotter it has the ability to reach the better it will be at cleaning your hardwood floors. If you do not have the ability to afford to buy one right now than merely rent one.

Now that you have the unit it is time to clean the floors. Get rid of all the furniture from the room so that the floors are entirely bare. Now fill the unit up with the amount of water that the directions say you need. Plug the steam cleaner it and allow it to warm up. This might take up to five minutes.

When it is set up run it slowly along the floors. It is better to start in a corner of the room and work on two square feet at a time. When you have worked over the first region with the hardwood steam cleaner, stop and wipe the floor down utilizing a dry towel. There shouldn’t be any water – but this will take care of any just in case there is.

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