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Portable scissor lifts are utilized chiefly in facilities that need to transfer a large amount of items at a single time. They are smaller then the standard scissor lift and might easily be pushed or pulled by hand. Each one is built with a foot pump on the bottom of it that is used to raise the platform into the air.

Manual Lift

The most popular of these is the manual lift. These are the smallest and are made with platforms that help the person utilizing it to transfer boxes, shelves, and tables. These have the ability to be bought as a compact model that aid to make it easier to move it round smaller places and sharp turns.

The manual cart unit is an even smaller model – but it is rather helpful at moving items that weigh as much as four hundred pounds. Both of these models cost between $1,000 to $2,000.

Mid Rise Lift

The mid rise model is a kind of motor cart that is built with a tow handle. The mobile arm is easy to set up and serves you to move things easily and with very little trouble. It is also made with a safety lock bar that is able to move in distinct areas and will prevent bystanders from playing with it. This will cost round $2,000.

Lift Table

The lift table was made to raise up any item or boxes to the height of the individual using it. It is made with a hydraulic lift system that will elevate it and allow it to carry heavy loads. These kinds of portable scissor lifts have the ability to reach as high as 58” and as low as 10”. They can carry as much as 3,000 pounds and are built with a security key that will keep other individuals from messing with it. These cost around $6,000.

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