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Poison ivy is the most common plant that is in the world and it is one of the most painful. If you are lucky all you will have is an annoying rash. If you are not lucky than you will be stuck with blisters along with a rash.

There are curethat you can try – which are low-cost and easy to use. If you feel like scratching your annoyed skin stop yourself right away. This will simply make the trouble worse. Try to pour out a tablespoon of bleach in a cup. Use a cotton ball to soak up the bleach and then apply it to the skin. This will sting but it can help to dry out the skin rapidly.

Rubbing alcohol is another great thing to utilize instead of bleach. This is great because not only will it be able to dry out the skin – but it will likewise aid to disinfect it and get rid of any urushiol oil left behind. Make sure that you do not apply too much of this onto the skin. Just enough to treat it.

A popular plant that you can keep on hand in case of a problem like this is jewelweed. Some herbalists will utilize the leaves of this plant that will cure many troubles. Hack up the leaves and the stem of the plant and place it in boiling water. Cook it until the water has turned orange. When it is all over put the liquid in ice cube trays.

Once they are frozen you can put the cubes on your skin. The cold will aid to relieve the itching and the plant will assist to heal the skin. This poison ivy remedy will work unless you utilize the yellow jewelweed plant. Just make sure that you have the right one. You can find this in your backyard or at your local nursery.

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