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Anybody who has wood floors in their place will love how they are able to put down a simple rug over certain areas. It is a quick way to brighten the room up a bit and to contribute a bit of flare that it was lacking before this. There are numerous rugs that you are able to choose from. One that is becoming quite standard is the wool shaggy rugs. The downside to utilizing these in the house is knowing how best to clean it.

The first thing I would suggest you do is to beat it. If you have a porch then set the rug over the railing. Take a broom and beat the rug till most of the dirt and debris has been taken away. If you do not have a railing than ask one or two individuals to hold it for you.

Once you have beaten it the right way you will be able to move on to vacuuming it. Connect the soft brush attachment to the hose of the extensions. Slowly move it along the rug until you are satisfied it has gotten rid of everything it can reach. If you would rather not utilize the extension than you can do it the typical way.

Before you begin you should first raise the height all the way. If you don’t you run the chance of the pile getting tangled in the beater bar. This is tricky to undo and could possibly break the vacuum.

For the greatest results you should put a carpet steam cleaner to it. There is going to be some measure of dirt and stains that beating and vacuuming will not have the ability to manage. Rent one of these cleaners and run it over the wool shaggy rug a couple of times. In the end it will look brand new.

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