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When piecing together a party for your kids there are a number of things that you can use which will contribute delight and fun on their special day. One of the most common is the inflatable bounce house. These are able to be rented from distinct party companies. Find out how to transport the bounce house to varying locations or back to the store.

The first thing you have to do is clean off any dirt, grass, and rubble that is in it or on top of it. It is better to use a broom to remove it quickly and easily. Use a damp mop to get any mud off of it.

When taking it down you need to turn off the power to the power source that is keping it inflated. You have to be sure that the air is completely out by turning over the parts and securely forcing the air out. When you understand it is fully depressed you will be able to set it down on the ground. At this time you must double check for any debris or hidden toys.

If you own the bouncer than you should store it. At one end commence to roll it up. Keep it tight as you roll it so that it has the ability to store easily and take up less room. It is better if two people help with this.

Get the straps and wrap them around it once it is rolled up. They should be very tight. One strap needs to be running down the middle and one at each end. Put it into the truck with the assistance of two or three people. It is helpful to utilize a hand truck when transporting the inflatable bounce house. These can be heavy and you don’t want to damage them.

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